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Name/Nickname: Calla
Age: I've been 18 for exactly a week. That's weird.

Likes/Hobbies Music - mainly metal (though not the modern rubbish people usually assume I mean) and classical (Shostakovich is my favourite at the moment), but some jazz (modal, fusion) and electronic stuff too. I'm interested in broadening my tastes further. :D Science fiction in general, especially hard sf which I can fool myself into understanding and preen about. TOS/TNG/Star Wars/old Doctor Who/Blakes 7. Drawing, reading and learning, the latter only if I'm teaching myself and no boundaries are set. Why am I grouping these sentences like this? Puns and wordplay. Insulting people. Adolescent philosophising. Adrenaline rushes. Thinking things through thoroughly. :D :D :D Arguing and winning. Finding flaws in arguments. Improving myself.

Talents: Music in general (I play the violin, clarinet, tenor sax and electric guitar), writing (used to be like a Mr Kipling cake - exceedingly good - for my age, but I haven't really kept up with it for a while. This is to change shortly, though, as I'm currently planning an EPIC TOS MIRRORVERSE STORY. I am aware that I'm effectively advertising myself in my rating post, thank you.) Er, where was I? Grasping theoretical concepts quickly. Drawing, to a smaller degree. Remembering obscure details and surprising the people who told me them, who often don't remember what they said months later :D

Dislikes: People who are better than me (seriously - I can grow to like them, but they just drive me to try to outdo them!). People who are famous for something other than ability. Emotional displays. Closed-mindedness. The education system, which is basically pointless memorising.


Strong points: I'm very loyal. I'm open to other points of view and welcome discussion about plans and ideas. I don't burden others with emotional problems. I try to be as fair and objective as possible (which doesn't necessarily conflict with the first statement I made!). I'm generally good-natured in company, laugh a lot and won't outwardly get angry at little things. Although I hold strong opinions, I don't always feel the need to express them.

Weak points: I can't start something and leave it temporarily: if I do that, it never gets done. I tend to be quite clingy in social situations, as I already have people I know to be interesting to talk to. I'm very prone to jealousy, especially when my friends make new friends: I must expect them to view me as the centre of their universe or something. I can be very hypocritical. I also expect too much of everyone, including myself, only as it's me I must be able to do things without even trying hard. This doesn't always work! As a result of this, I'm also really afraid of failure and will tend to put off doing things until I'm sure they're right. Also, my first (and only) instinct when faced with someone upset and wanting sympathy is to use logic, which is usually a terrible idea. I'm a really bad loser and ridiculously stubborn once I've made my mind up. I don't 'open up' easily to people. My 'natural state' is actually to be very cold towards people

What do other people see you/describe you as?: Anyone I 'warm up to', even slightly, will probably think I'm arrogant. If they don't know me very well and I'm not particularly interested in them, I could come across as relatively friendly but serious. My better friends probably know me for my odd mix of stubbornness and easy-going, my aggressive individualism and my tendency to come up with really weird ideas and insults, tempered by the knowledge that I care about them really. I have also repeatedly been described as emotionally detached, cold and bossy, although I'm certainly not above laughing at myself (especially if I make a really stupid mistake). :D
Weirdly enough, I seem to have either skipped the part in adolescence where you go out partying and getting drunk or not have gotten to it yet. Can't see myself ever actually wanting to do it though.

Add "why?" if at all possible.

I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THESE. Surely most people, for most of these questions, will be one or the other according to situation. You can't even decide based on what you are most of the time, as that's just based on the situations you're in as well. >:( I'll try my best to decide.

Mature or Immature?: Depends on the situati--FFFFFF

Leader or Follower?: I'll follow if it's something I don't care about. If, however, I have strong opinions, it depends. If people dismiss my ideas for reasons I see as invalid, I'm likely to end up completely disassociating myself from the group and doing everything alone.

Outgoing or Shy?: Shy, although I can pretend I'm outgoing for a while before it tires me out. With friends, I'm very confident and like to monopolise conversations.

Confident or Modest?: I'm pretty self-confident - however, as I'm shy, I may not look it.

Safe or Risky?: Can't really decide.

Optimistic or Pessimistic?: Probably the biggest pessimist you'll ever come across.

Realist or Idealist?: Idealist. Does this contradict my previous answer? XD

Low, medium, or high energy level?: Reasonably high. No explanation.

Listener or Speaker?: In unimportant conversations outside those with my closest friends, very much listener. If I actually have something useful to say, I love taking centre stage. Additionally, I enjoy speaking in public immensely. Because I'M AMAZING. Uh.

Serious or Playful?: I make fun of just about everything, even if I'm taking it seriously. Then again, I tend to be playful with concepts, not people.

Impulsive or Cautious?: Not sure, sorry.


So the Enterprise has been invaded by an outside force and is being threatened unless the captain surrenders the ship. (What else is new?) What would your reaction be in this situation? Would you panic?
I like to think that I'd handle the situation calmly, but as I've never been in mortal danger I don't know how I'd react. I'd probably end up coming up with several ideas and taking them to the Captain, even if everyone was ordered to stay at their posts. I'm literally already starting to think about the 'outside force''s motives (what does it need a starship for? What would it do with us if we surrendered? If it can threaten us, which implies some sort of physical existence, why can't it just take the ship-- unless it's some sort of evil sound wave or something, and, in any case, why can't it just travel without a starship? It obviously did some travelling to invade the Enterprise. What if it's somehow limited to a small area and can only get past this area with outside help? WHY AM I THINKING ABOUT THIS? IT'S A THEORETICAL QUESTION IN A STAR TREK RATING COMMUNITY AND I CAN'T EVEN TEST THINGS OUT TO SEE WHAT ITS RESPONSES ARE.). Alternatively, the 'force' could be more akin to an invasion force - made up of individuals. I'm sure I'd come up with some ideas either way, although I'd probably have to lie to some guards to get to the Captain in this last case.

So now they've got you captured and are threatening you. It's either spill the beans about the secrets of the Enterprise or be killed on the spot. How long does it take for you to reach your breaking point? (Do you have one?)
Not long. I VALUE MY LIFE. (Also, doesn't 'killed on the spot' imply that after the first refusal, you're dead?)

And if you were on a ship of some sort, what kind of position (captain, medical officer, security guard, etc.) would you be comfortable with?
I'd be comfortable when I reached the top of whatever career ladder I'd chosen. :D I'd love to be a captain - I want to see if I could cope well with the decisions I'd have to make and I'd love ordering people around - everyone would (hopefully) finally co-operate with my plans! Additionally, it'd be really helpful to be able to talk through strategies with my senior officers and I'd get a lot of different perspectives from that. If I wasn't good enough to be a captain, I'd probably end up doing something science-y. As I hope to study Computer Science at university next academic year, it could be suitable.

Anything else?:
THERE'S Klingons on the starboard side, starboard side, starboard side. There's Klingons on the starboard side, starboard side, Jim!

Oh yeah, Romulans are amazing.

…I think Mr Kipling cakes might be a peculiarly British thing. Oh well.

If anyone knows the MBTI, I'm an INTX there - online tests taken in droves have told me J, but I'm still not sure. I tried working it out from cognitive functions, but all I found was that I'm very intuitive and very Thinking and have basically no Fe. I wonder if that'll make sense to anyone.

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