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Name/Nickname: Savannah
Age: 17

Likes/Hobbies stamping, singing, hanging out with mahh bff, texting, tweeting, reading
Talents: singing me thinks
Dislikes: HAHAH


Strong points: funny, wacky/silly, honest, understanding, accepting
Weak points: majorly sarcastic, mean, uncaring, pessimistic, blunt

What do other people see you/describe you as?:
• funny, hilarious
• smartass
• majorly sarcastic
• uncaring bitch HAHAHAHAH
• mean
• blunt yet honest

no lie, these are all true =)

Add "why?" if at all possible.

Mature or Immature?: immature when im with my best friend and mature when im not. but i mean, overall, im kind of childish but i know how to turn it off and act my age
Leader or Follower?: leader most definately. i follow the beat of my own drum youu know?
Outgoing or Shy?: its a little bit of both. when im with people i know, im loud and crazy but when people dont know me, they tend to think that im quiet and whatnot
Confident or Modest?: i think im REEALLY modest. people will be like, that was amazing and i'll go. nahhhhh, your just saying that. its hard for me to believe that im good at what i do
Safe or Risky?: ohh safe. when you do risky things aftermath tends to follow. im the one that does the damage control
Optimistic or Pessimistic?: pessimistic even though its really just my way of being REALISTIC
Realist or Idealist?: realist. there are no crazy ideas going on in my mind. its if not in the realm of reality, im not going to spend time thinking about it
Low, medium, or high energy level?: medium to high me thinks. im just, really silly and wacky haha
Listener or Speaker?: listener. im like, the dr. phil of my circle of friends. people always come to me with thier problems. and i like listening and trying to give them advice and help them out
Serious or Playful?: playful =) why waste life being sooo damn serious all the time?
Impulsive or Cautious?: cautious. i like to think about what i want to do and what the consequence of it so i can make the decision moar carefully


So the Enterprise has been invaded by an outside force and is being threatened unless the captain surrenders the ship. (What else is new?) What would your reaction be in this situation? Would you panic? i feel like i would remove myself from the situation in order to clear my mind so i could find a way OUT of the situation

So now they've got you captured and are threatening you. It's either spill the beans about the secrets of the Enterprise or be killed on the spot. How long does it take for you to reach your breaking point? (Do you have one?) well, in all honesty, i dont want to be killed. and neither do you. so lets all be honest and say that we'd spill the darkest secrets of the whole earth if we had too

And if you were on a ship of some sort, what kind of position (captain, medical officer, security guard, etc.) would you be comfortable with? captain. because you gotta go big or go home

Anything else?:

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