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Red, Yellow or Blue?// Shirt Theme

Name: Laura
Age (at least 13): 24
Location: Italy
Talents: music
Positive and Negative Traits:
positive traits;I'm very loyal but that loyalty comes with time and my trust must be earned. When I set my mind on something I usually get it, because I see nothing but my goal and I'm not satisfied until it's done and failure is not an option. I think I'm not stupid. I think with my own head, I don't get fooled easily and I can decide things by myself. I had good grades at school, but I think that intelligence is not based on school records. I think an intelligent person is someone who has good problem solving skills in the real world. I'm very adventurous. I have done a little travelling but I would like to do a LOT more! I love to travel because there are so many places and people to meet and explore, so many things too see and learn
negative traits; I always expect the worst. I know being pessimistic isn't a good thing but I can't really help myself. Normally I don't think things through, and I'm too impulsive for my own good. I used to be always in trouble when I was younger because of my impulsivity. I'm still impulsive and that's part of my nature, but now I'm more cautious and thoughtful in the things I do in public. I'm a bit paranoid, I'm always suspecting people of screwing me over and this is why I don't trust people easily. I procastinate a lot and always regret it. Somehow I always end up doing other stuff than I should be doing. And I always leave my work to the last minute. I'm too sarcastic and critical most of the time

Quick: Alien-beings are invading the ship! (What else is new?) How would you react? I think I would try to stay calm and focus, no panic. I normally don't freak out in an emergency or dangerous situation and I'm a good strategits (or at least my friends say I have good analytical skills) so I would probably come up with a plan
Favorite subject in school: I have a lot of favorite subjects, this is probably why I had good grades at school. English is probably my favorite, but I also like science and history
Least favorite subject: Maths
Awww, it's the Earth holiday Valentines Day! How do you celebrate on the ship? Uhm. To be honest I'm not and huge fan of Valentines Day. I think it is over commercialized and why do we need a specific day to show the ones we love that we love them? I think I would probably just have fun with other members of the ship
Were you a troublemaker as a kid? Oh yes, I was. Like I said before I used to be always in trouble when I was a kid because of my impulsivity. My neighbor used to say that I was like a monkey because I was very mishievous ( and because I'm very good at climbing trees LOL )
Would you attempt a team-building exercise to bring the crew together?: Well, of course. Why not?
What do you think would be your 'role' on the ship? (Ex: The person you can confide in, the person who knows everything, everyone's best friend, etc): Probably the person you can confide in. I'm definitely not good at giving advices but I like to help others
Favorite colour, and what emotions does it evoke for you? Green, definitely. Emerald green, just to be clear. Green is the color of nature and I'm a nature lover, it reminds me of the grass. And when I look outside, almost everything that is green is beautiful
In a relationship, what is the first quality you look for? Honesty. I can't stand liars. I've learn not to trust people easily and I'm a bit paranoid sometimes because I'm always suspecting people of screwing me over. I don't trust people easily because of the things that I've experienced and I have learned from my past experiences that even your best friend can betray you. When I was a little younger I trusted everyone but now people have to earn my trust and respect
Who do you think would be your best friend on the ship? Leonard Mccoy. We're both cynical and pessimistic, we can be great friends LOL

What do you do in your spare time?: playing tennis, watching movies, plating videogames, hanging out with my friends
What are three of your favorite things?: (Ex: Things, weather, etc.)
1. Writing; As a kid I wanted to be a writer. I loved to write when I was a child, my teacher told me I was good at it and suggested to became a writer someday and let her read my works. Now I don't want to be a writer anymore. I can't exactly explain why, I still enjoy writing but I'm just not passionate about it much anymore. It's not because I am afraid of being judged by others, I really don't mind what people think about me or about my works. Probably the simple fact is that it's not the job for me. And right now I want a job but I don't know which job I want.
2. Books; if I had a lot of money I would buy a lot of books. There are so many books I want to read in this lifetime and not enough hours in the day! I love reading and being surrounded by books
3. Traveling; traveling is my biggest dream. I would really like to travel thoughout Europe and America, enjoying different cultures and getting to know different people. And it is really inspiring meeting so many different people and different cultures
Three of your least favorite:
1. Spiders I know it's a bit childish but I'm afraid of bugs. Every bug makes me scream if it's in the same room as me . I'm really very afraid of bugs mostly because I they might bite me and I absolutely hate spiders. I don't like the way they move and I know that just one night there's gonna be one in my bed or on my pillow. My mother always say "spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them" but well.. I don't believe it
2. losing the one I love. I am afraid of my friends and family dying because I don't know what I would do without them. My friends are my world and I can't really live without my family.
3. Failure. I am afraid I will not live up to my own standards. I am afraid I will never obtain my goals.
Anything else?: Grazie!

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