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'Red, Yellow or Blue?// Shirt Theme

Name: Anna
Age (at least 13): 24
Location: Italy
Talents: Uhm I can play the C flute xD I'm normally good with people and I can speak different languages ( I hope these are talents <.<. Nothing else comes to my mind right now)
Positive and Negative Traits:
positive: caring, friendly, open minded, creative, loyal, honest, passionate, curious, adventurous

my top 5 are:

1. Honest: I always say what I think when I think it. I will tell you directly when I disagree with you, i can't really understand why people talk behind others back instead of saying it in their faces

2. Intelligent: I consider myself intelligent because I'm able to think critically,I can think with my own brain instead regurgitating the thoughts of others.I enjoy learning new things everyday and I'm pretty good at school but I'm not always studying and I think books cannot tell you everything

3. Loyal: I'm a very loyal person and I would never betray my friends/my family. I don't trust people easily because I have been betrayed many times in the past and my trust has been broken many, many times. It is difficult to gain my trust, but once I trust a person I stand by them even when the whole world goes against them

4. Passionate: I am passionate , I put a lot of energy into the issues I believe in!

5. Curious : I'm curious, and I always get up and investigate. I love to see new things, learn something new and i actually seek out new challenges everyday. I think that without challenges life would be boring!

negative: impatient, impulsive, lazy, critical, moody, brutally honest, stubborn, pessimistic, sarcastic

I think my top five weaknesses/ worst qualities are

1. Brutally honest: I always say what I think when I think it, sometimes i can be brutally honest. I'm sharp tongued and I say what I have to say. I'm not afraid to say what I think.

2. Sarcastic: I am sarcastic, especially when I am angry and especially around my friends. I know sometimes I overly sarcastic and I make jokes when I probably shouldn't.

3. Impulsive: Extremely impulsive as i am i always act and then think. I really rush into things without thinking and get into trouble for it

4. Stubborn: Sometimes I can be sooo stubborn! Probably because I don't like being open to the possibility that I could be wrong and I'm not very good at changing my mind. Honestly, I hardly change my mind about something

5. Pessimistic: I try to be optimistic, but I'm generally a more pessimistic person. I always think that If something can go wrong it will go wrong and at the most inopportune time ( at the worst possible time!). I try to be optimistic, but my natural cynicism and pessimistic always seems to make an appearance.

Quick: Alien-beings are invading the ship! (What else is new?) How would you react? I would try to stay calm and immediately try to do something about it. If I am an "important" crew member and I can make decisions on my own I would do something quickly because I don't want to waste time and I know that waiting is not a good thing when alien-beings are invading the ship! If I am a low-grade official I would definitely offer solutions and if there is nothing I can do about it PANIC just try to wait and be ready because if they need me I have to move fast

Favorite subject in school: English & History. I love foreign languages, I always have, and I love english literature ( but probably because I love literature in general ). I love history because there is so much we can learn from it and teaches us to live a better life and not make the same mistakes twice.

Least favorite subject: Maths!
Awww, it's the Earth holiday Valentines Day! How do you celebrate on the ship? kiss everyone on the ship I honestly don't like valentine day very much, I think is boring and I find it materialistic ( and when you love someone, you don't need a special day to let them know this! ) but I would probably use valentine day as an excuse to make some noise and have fun with the rest of the crew.

Were you a troublemaker as a kid? oh yes, I was a bit troublemaker as a kid, is not that I was a monster but I was no angel I don't know how my parents survived. I remember that one time when I was a kid I punched a girl in the face ( but she deserves it, because she offended a friend of mine, and she was a total idiot)

Would you attempt a team-building exercise to bring the crew together?: Of course, that would be fun!

What do you think would be your 'role' on the ship? (Ex: The person you can confide in, the person who knows everything, everyone's best friend, etc): I would not be the person who knows everything, and I have a horrible memory! Everyone's best friend sounds fun, but even thought I am quite friendly I don't know if I can get along well with EVERYONE on the ship, so I would probably just be "The person you can confide in" because I always try to help others and have a problem saying no to anyone.

Favorite colour, and what emotions does it evoke for you? Orange is definitely my favorite color, because it's such a warm color,it is bright, has an energetic aura and for me it represents faith and happiness

In a relationship, what is the first quality you look for? I look for someone I could actually get along with, someone who is genuine and who will be there for me always no matter what

Who do you think would be your best friend on the ship? McCoy, definitely. He has all the characteristics I look for in a good friend. He is very caring, a good listener, someone I can trust and who will treat me like an equal and who can appreciate me for who I really am.

What do you do in your spare time?: I love reading, and I love bookstores. I spend a significant fraction of my time in them. I have a lot of books in my shelves and I do enjoy reading them, and I have a lot of books that I feel I should read! I would also spend my time talking with the crew members
What are three of your favorite things?: (Ex: Things, weather, etc.) cats, plushies, books
Three of your least favorite: bugs, broccoli, waiting
Anything else?:English is a second language for me, so I apologise if there are mistakes in my application. I've tried my best to make this text understandable XD

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